The M.O.G.
Medically Oriented Gym


An Integrated Health Promotion Service Company

The M.O.G. is a fitness club wholly integrated with an independent physical therapy practice.  Its mission is to provide fitness services to not only the healthy motivated population but also provide a fitness opportunity to medically compromised members of our community.  Members who join the M.O.G. receive evidence based services from licensed physical therapist, physical therapy assistants, exercise physiologists and nutrition experts.


Vision Statement

• Cultivate an environment that makes exercise a life long habit
• Make the experience to members and staff purposeful their lives
• All information and action provided must have scientific basis
• Set and obtain goals higher than the member ever thought possible
• Every interaction has a goal of service


"If you do not form a relationship, you do not change behavior."


The M.O.G. is Different!

• We want and expect our members to show up
• We expect exericse to be a life long habit
• As part of your membership you recieve quartly fitness evaluations and updates to your exercise routine
• We coordinate your healthcare with your physician
• We are invloved in research
• We are nationally recognized as Medical Fitness Experts
• We are service based and we care


"Exercise is like depositing money in the bank. When you are sick or injured your exercise credits can be withdrawn to return you to good health."




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